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17 April 2016

CF07 Cooleys and Clan Colla

Recent test results from kit #358156 reveal a SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) called BY3172. This indicates that CF07, which I've nicknamed the South Carolina Cluster, is of Clan Colla. This is from the wikipedia article for Airgialla:

The origins of Airgialla stem from the battle of Achadh Leithdheirg fought around the year 331, when the forces of the Three Collas and the men of Connacht wrested vast territories of the Province of Ulster from the native tribe of the Ulaid.

According to the DNA groupings at the Clan Colla DNA Project, BY3172 appears to be associated with Neal / O'Neal. The admin for the group, suggests the SNP arose somewhere between 800-1500 AD.

Both #358156 and #140728 have agreed to do the Big Y test, which looks at ten million positions on the Y chromosome. Matching nucleotides between the testers will be given SNP names. Since both men descend from John Cooley of Darlington, SC (1756-1794), each of the new SNPs would have emerged from between the time of BY3172 and John himself. Those SNPs that do not match will have come down to the testers from John's sons Kinchen and William, respectively.

Future Cooley and non-Cooley BY testers having BY3172 will split off somewhere along the line and new branches will be formed. The more SNPs found, the more branches produced and the better a timeline will be established. As additional genealogies are brought into the fold, geographic locations in the Isles will be discovered, and where we have genealogies, a timeframe, and locations, there is a fighting chance of learning significantly more, such as John's own heritage, perhaps even a much clearer indication of his father's identity.