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7 May 2016

Update for Cooley DNA Group CF10

CF10 represents at least two groups of Cooleys who, judging from their Y-STR results, were closely related: three descendants (B65681, 173367, and 167462) of William Cooley and Elizabeth Firmin and two descendants (336064 and 321314) of John Cooley and Abigail Lippincott. The question is, of course, how closely related were the groups? Certainly, key documents might yet come forward, as we have seen in the last few years for the Cooley/Firmin line, but so much material has been gone over so many times that additional attempts seem, at times, futile. However, as I've been touting from the beginning, DNA has allowed many of us to break through the brickwalls.

Based on CF10 results, FTDNA has predicted that each tester has the M269 SNP. But that's not saying very much—virtually all Western European R1b populations have that SNP, and it's estimated to have emerged between 13,500 to 6500 years ago! In a perfect world, three testers from CF10 would take the Big Y (currently $575), but this is not a perfect world. Such testing, however, would discover the SNPs possessed by your Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCA). Lacking that, I'd recommend that one of the CF10 testers take the M343 Backbone SNP Pack—137 SNPs tested for at $99. The results will likely point to further testing—perhaps the P312 SNP Pack, for example. These tests will not tell us much about the relationships within the CF10 groups, but will refine the relationship between CF10 and the other project groups, which would be a step in the right direction.