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1 September 2016

R1b-A11786 CF02 Cooley Segregation Panel

Yseq.net has created a test for the 17 SNPs that belong to Benjamin Cooley (see New Big Y Results for Cooley Group CF02) and his descendants. These mutations probably occurred over the course of 2,000 years or more. Undoubtedly, future non-Cooley testers will be found to have only a portion of them, as will be the case with descendants of a distant relative of Benjamin's. Those who match most but not all will be closer related. It should be noted, however, that we don't yet know what a complete match will mean. Did the 17th SNP come into play with Benjamin's birth (best scenario) or at his grandfather's or even his great-grandfather's birth? In any event, we know that every Benjamin Cooley patrilineal descendants will have all of them. A complete match would mean, at minimum, that the chances of being a descendant of his will be greatly enhanced. However, until we know better how these SNPs play out, it would probably be prudent to first test for the upstream SNP Y15926 (aka Y15647) at FTDNA. The price for that is $39.

The cost for the segregation panel is $232, a reduced price from $297.50, the cost for individually ordering 17 SNPs. A new test kit will be sent to you. The SNPs involved are:

A12020 A12021 A12022 A12023 A12024 A12025 A12026 A12027 A12028 A12029 A12030 A12031 A12032 A12033 A12034 A12035 A12036

To order the test, go to this page at yseq. Should you do so, please share that information with me through the contact link below.