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17 January 2019

A Briefer Update for Cooley CF02 and CF09

A new genetic subclade is discovered whenever it's been shown that two or more people share the same mutations. The mutations we look at are, of course, those that exists outside of genes — those areas that code for proteins. They define neither physical nor medical characteristics, but they're super at defining lineages.

Two subclades have been fully defined in CF02: the Benjamin clan and those who lived in Goshen, New York at the end of the 18th century. Nehemiah's family could be defined, but we need a second descendant to test the three SNPs. The one tested descendant of Samuell Coley, although positive for A12020, is negative for both subclades and remains unidentified. It needs at least one Big Y to start the process.

Cooley group CF09 has one defined subclade: descendants of James Cooley and Penelope Gargus. A Big Y and individual SNP testing has narrowed James's Y genetic profile to two SNPs: A21494 and A21961. Likely, of course, James's immediate ancestors also had them and passed them down through other sons. Being positive for the Cooley-Gargus SNPs will not prove descent from James (for now, at least), but it would demonstrate a degree of relatedness. Article 58 lists four other SNPs that can be tested in an effort to define another subclade.

Please contact me should you like to help the project move forward. And feel free to contribute to the efforts monetarily directly through the project.