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15 April 2019

Strother/Struthers/Butler SNP Tree

The SNP tree for haplogroup BY24824 has quickly grown. Although I will continue to write articles on the subject as significant data comes in, this is a good place to keep a somewhat permanent tree for regular updating. This page is accessible from the menu item on the left panel of the index page labeled Strother 01 SNP Tree.

Continued Butler testing remains pertinent to this group, firstly because they are near-perfect STR match to the descendants of William Strother and appear to have emerged somewhere between the earliest Struthers and the birth of William, who died in Virginia in 1702. The key to parsing this period out further, however, will be by means of testing additional Earliest Known Ancestors (EKAs) who lived in the interim between haplogroups BY24824 and BY23497, a total of six good SNPs, which could constitute one, two, or more additional subclades. I suggest that finding testers among the del Strother family from county Northumberland could be useful in that pursuit. It will also be interesting to observe what other families will be found to have descended from BY23988, listed at the top of the tree. In time, once enough data is gathered, we'll be able to attach specific geographical regions to these upstream haplogroups.

The SNPs indicated by yellow boxes are what I refer to as anchor SNPs, SNPs that have been demonstrated to have first arisen with the birth of a known man. For example, only Strothers descended from Francis Strother, born in Virginia in (or about) 1700, will have that SNP. Like Francis, its birth is anchored at specific date.